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Panel management


The ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’ is managed by QuMind, a research agency based in the UK. You can find out more about QuMind at www.QuMind.co.uk.

Panel aims


The aim of the panel is for ScottishPower to use your comments and feedback to improve its services and products. ScottishPower is committed to providing the best service possible, and by helping ScottishPower gain a better understanding of what its customers want, you can have a direct impact on this.

Queries about your ScottishPower account


Unfortunately, we are unable to answer queries concerning your ScottishPower account. If you have a question about your account, or about ScottishPower products and services in general, please contact ScottishPower Customer Services free on 0800 027 0072.

Panel membership ask a question...


Can anyone register for this panel?


Only specially selected and invited ScottishPower customers can join the panel.

What happens if I leave ScottishPower?


The ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’ is specifically intended for ScottishPower customers. Should you decide to switch suppliers, we will withdraw your membership from the panel.

What’s in it for me?


There is a variety of reward and incentive opportunities on the panel. The monthly prize draw has 3 winners each time, and each panel activity you take part in – completing a survey, answering a poll, posting a forum reply, etc. – will earn you an entry into the draw. The more you participate, the more chances you have of winning.

Additionally, we run prize draws on some activities like surveys and heatmaps. You must take part in these activities to be in with a chance of winning them. We also run regular online focus groups – participation in these will earn direct rewards ranging from £15 to £30. We always send invitation e-mails out for these, so please be sure to check your inbox regularly.

How do I unsubscribe?


Although we enjoy having you on the ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’, you may wish to unsubscribe if, for example, you have changed suppliers. To do this, you can send an e-mail to help@Talkenergy-Insights.co.uk and request to be unsubscribed. Please note that this may take up to two working days to process. You can also simply click on the unsubscribe link on any of the e-mails that we have sent you.

Panel activity ask a question...

Posting rules

What rules do I need to follow when posting on the panel?


Panel members are reminded to please be considerate and respect others when participating on the panel. Cultures, opinions and backgrounds are to be respected and members should not swear or be abusive in any way. If you do notice any abusive content, please let us know immediately by writing to help@Talkenergy-Insights.co.uk.

Additionally, we operate a strict "no spam" policy. We will not tolerate repeated messages or unsolicited advertising. English is the only language to be used on this panel. Do not pretend to be someone else and do not choose a username that could be considered offensive. By joining this panel you agree not to submit any item that is defamatory or discloses any information that you have no legal right to disclose.



How long will each survey take to do?


Surveys will normally take between 5-15 minutes to complete.

How long will I have to complete a survey that you have sent me?


This will vary from survey to survey but typically you will have around 7 days to complete a survey. The closing date of each survey you are sent will be clearly specified within the e-mail.

What will I be asked about?


You will be asked about all sorts of different things regarding ScottishPower, including new products, customer service, communication methods and your general satisfaction with the service provided to you. You may also be asked for your views on the wider topics of energy and related technology.



What is a forum?


A forum is a place where you can talk to other panel members. It contains all the forum topics posted, and by answering these and interacting with other panel members you will be providing valuable feedback.

You can find the forums in the “Forums” section of the home page once you have logged in. This can be found in the main menu bar on the top right.

There are several different parts of a forum:

  • Forum topics
A forum topic is a topic found in the forum about a specific issue or subject of interest to ScottishPower. They could be about anything from energy efficiency to general service standards.
  • Forum posts
​​​Forum posts are replies to forum topics. To create one of these, simply click the title of the thread or the icon next to it, and then type your response in the ‘Post Reply’ box. Click reply, and your forum post will become visible. You can post images or videos in your forums posts by clicking the “Media” buttons, and selecting the option you wish to upload.


How long will it take to take part in a forum discussion?


This is entirely up to you and how much you want to share with other panel members. It could take a minute or up to 5 minutes – or more if you choose - depending on how much you would like to write.

Why have my old forum and blog comments disappeared?


From time to time, we will be archiving threads and blogs in order to keep the site as easy to use and navigate as possible. It also lets us focus the discussions on current topics. Archived discussions may be held by QuMind. for future research purposes. You can always start a new thread or blog if you wish to continue discussing a topic.

Focus groups


What do I do when I receive an e-mail inviting me to an online focus group?


Go to the panel homepage and make sure you are available for the specified date and time. If so, click the link that takes you to the screener questions. Complete the survey, selecting the answers relevant to you. Selection for the focus groups is based on your answers; if you are selected, you will receive an e-mail giving you the date and time of the focus group.

How do I attend an online focus group?


Once selected for a focus group, and having received your confirmation e-mail, please log in to the research platform a few minutes before it is due to start. At this time, an ‘Enter Focus Group’ link will appear on your homepage. If it does not, you may need to press F5 to refresh the page.

Upon entering the online focus group you will be muted. This means you will not be able to see anything you type in the focus group window. This is normal, and is intended so that everyone taking part has time to arrive and join the group. It also gives the forum moderator a chance to introduce the group.

Can I still join an online focus group if turn up late?


You will be able to join focus groups if you arrive late. However, please note that, if you have not taken part in a sufficient proportion of the group, QuMind. reserves the right to withhold any incentives offered as part of the focus group.



What is a blog?


A blog is where you can record your daily activities and thoughts, as well as details about your interactions with ScottishPower. While a forum thread is an open conversation between you and other members of the panel, a blog is your own personal online diary.

There are several ways you can interact with your blog:

  • Posting to your blog
To write your own blog post, click on ‘Blogs’ at the top of the homepage, followed by 'Create a new Blog Post'. Enter your blog post’s title in the 'title' box, and the text in the 'body' box. The last thing to do before clicking ‘Post Blog’ is to set it to be either public or private (see previous question for details of these options).
  • Posting photos to your blog
When you are creating or editing a blog post, use the photo icon to browse for photos and place them in the blog post. Text can be placed before or after the photo. Once you have finished, click on 'Post Blog'. You will then be able to view and edit your blog post.
  • Editing your blog
After clicking 'Blogs' at the top of the homepage, find the blog post you wish to edit and click 'Edit this post'. You can then make changes to the text, and edit the privacy setting, making your post either public or private by selecting the appropriate option at the bottom of the page. Once this is done, simply click on 'Post Blog'.
  • Your privacy setting
Your blog can either be public or private. If it is public, all system users can see it and the posts. If it is private, these can only be seen by you and the researchers.

Panel Status


What is my panel status?


Your panel status shows how much you have contributed to the panel. There are five panel status levels, with A being the highest level and E being the lowest. Points are awarded for taking part in activities, and are awarded as follows:

  • Taking part in an online focus group = 5 points
  • Completing an online survey = 3 points
  • Completing an entry in your journal or blog = 2 points
  • Taking part in a forum discussion = 1 point
  • Completing a poll = 1 point
  • Commenting on heatmaps = 1 point

How is my panel status calculated?


Your panel status is based on your contributions to the panel relative to all other panel users. Contributions are measured in terms of participation in polls, forums, blogs, heatmaps and focus groups. Your panel status can fall if other users contribute a lot and you do not maintain your contribution levels, but the reward points you have gained cannot fall in this way. The ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’ team reserve the right to add or remove points as necessary.

What are reward points?


Reward points are used as entries into our monthly prize draws. They are accumulated by participating in panel activities, like answering polls and surveys. The more points you have, the better your chances are in the monthly prize draw! You can see your total accumulated points, and the total amount of points gained across the panel, on your personal page. These figures reset to zero at the beginning of each calendar month. The ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’ team reserve the right to add or remove points if there are clear abuses of the system (i.e. multiple short answers used just to gain points). Any prizes won must be claimed within six months of the prize draw taking place – prizes will not be able to be claimed after this time.

How do I redeem my reward points?


Reward points are redeemed each month in the prize draw but are still recorded cumulatively so you can see your panel status over time.

Technical questions ask a question...


Login issues


Why am I unable to login to the website, even when I have carefully copied my e-mail address and password in to the login space?


Once you have completed your first questionnaire sent to you via e-mail, we will process your answers and then you will be able to login. We will send you an e-mail when the processing is complete.

I have completed the first questionnaire you e-mailed me, but I still cannot log in.


Firstly, if you have not already done so, check you are using the correct e-mail address. If you have started using a new e-mail address, but have not updated your details, the system will not recognise your new e-mail address. Secondly, use the password reminder on the login page.

If you are copying and pasting your password, check that you are not copying any blank spaces before or after your password because these are treated as extra characters by the system. If you are typing your password make sure that caps lock is not on - the password is case-sensitive.

Make sure that you have "cookies" enabled in your browser software; cookies are used in our login process and for tracking questionnaire completion.



How can I make my password as secure as possible?


Clicking on the 'My Details' link in the top right menu of your screen will take you to your personal page. Once you are here, you can then type in your new password in the 'Password' and 'confirm Password' field. After this, click on 'Save my Details' and you will be able to log in using your new password.

To choose a secure password, we recommend the following:

  • Do not use words, phrases or sequences that are easy to guess
  • Do not use the name of this site as your password
  • Do not use personal information, i.e. family name, birthdays, phone numbers, etc.
  • Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long
  • Consider using numbers, punctuation marks, and a mixture of capital and non-capital letters – the password system is case-sensitive
  • Consider using a passphrase – a series of words that will not be easy to guess when put together

To keep your password secure, we recommend the following:

  • Change your password every 3 months
  • Do not reveal your password over the phone
  • Do not send your password in an e-mail
  • Do not talk about your password in front of anyone or share with family members
  • Do not hint at the format of your password
  • Do not use the “remember password” feature of your web browser
  • Do not write passwords down
  • Do not store passwords on any computer system unless the file is encrypted

How can I change my password?


Clicking on the 'My Details' link in the top right corner of your screen will take you to your personal page. Once here, you can then type in your new password in the 'Password' field. Enter it again in the 'Confirm Password' field. Click on 'Save My Details' and you will be able to log in using your new password.

What do I do if I forget my password?


If you have forgotten your password, simply enter the “Sign in” area as normal (please make sure you use the e-mail address you registered with). Under the “Password” text box, you will find  an option that says “Forgot password?” Select this option, and you will be prompted to enter your email address once more in a new text box. Do this, and click “Next”. You will be informed that “an email will be sent to you shortly”.

The reminder e-mail should arrive in your e-mail inbox within a few minutes (depending on your internet connection). If the reminder does not arrive, try clicking "send and receive" on your e-mail program. If this doesn't work, please contact the helpdesk.



What are cookies?


Cookies are small pieces of information that identify browsers during website use. We are required by EU legislation to let you know about the cookies we use in ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’. They may be used to store items such as identifiers and user preferences, which is exactly why we use them here on the ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’. Most websites use cookies as common practice.

Can I disable cookies?


Cookies are an essential part of ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’. As such, we cannot offer a complete opt-out from using cookies. The preference settings on your browser will allow you to block all cookies being placed on your device; however, as many sites rely on cookies to fully function, this could cause you problems when using other websites.

Privacy & Security ask a question...


Your privacy is important to us and you can be assured that we will take all reasonable steps to protect it.


What personal information is held about me?


QuMind will be provided, by ScottishPower, with details of your ScottishPower account. This will help with analysis and research so that improvements to your customer experience can be made. Details that will be held include:

  • Personal demographic information
  • The region in which you live
  • Your ScottishPower tariff type

Please note that no bank account details will ever be exchanged with QuMind. Any personal details will be securely encrypted during transfer to and from QuMind. ScottishPower remains responsible for all details held by QuMind. ScottishPower and QuMind have entered into a contractual agreement to ensure that your details are held securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Law. To see ScottishPower's full Privacy Information Notice (PIN), please click HERE.

Will my personal information ever be disclosed?


Your personal information is kept securely by QuMind who manages ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’. We will never disclose your personal information (your name, e-mail address, telephone number etc) to any other company.

Will I get spam e-mails or cold-calls while taking part in this panel?


The only e-mails you will receive from ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’ will be directly relating to the panel itself, i.e. notification e-mails, e-mails regarding your account or those inviting you to take part in panel activities. All phone calls you receive from us will be regarding your views on ScottishPower or panel administration. We will always state that we are calling from QuMind.

Your e-mail and phone number will never be passed on to other companies or third parties.

How do I change my e-mail address?


If you wish to change your e-mail address please e-mail the ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’ Team by e-mail help@Talkenergy-Insights.co.uk.

What is your password policy?


All passwords for ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’ users are for their own personal use, and must not be shared with any third parties. The ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’ at QuMind will never ask for your password. Misuse of your or any other user’s passwords will be considered a breach of this policy, and will result in removal from ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’.

Other ask a question...


Why can’t I see parts of the community? / Why won’t links work?


There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to view some of our questionnaires. Some suggestions on how to rectify any problems are listed below:

  • Ensure cookies are enabled

Make sure that you have cookies enabled in your internet software, as we use cookies to track the status of our questionnaires.

If you would like to keep a high-security setting, but still be able to participate in ‘Talkenergy-Insights Panel’ questionnaires, you will need to add the panel site to your "Safe" or "Trusted" sites. Please consult your browser documentation for assistance on this.

  • Use of advertising software

If you have advertising software attached or inserted into your e-mails, you may experience problems with the surveys. Some of these programs delete certain characters from our e-mails, and thus disable the links we send to you. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to control this, but we do advise you to inform your advertising software provider of the problem.

I have a technical question that is not answered here - what do I do?


Firstly, please note down as much information as you can about the problem(s) you are experiencing, including any error messages you have seen.

Secondly, find out what software you are using. You can easily do this by visiting http://supportdetails.com and making a note of the details in the "Operating System" and "Web Browser" boxes. If you contact us with a technical question (that isn't answered here) it would be greatly appreciated if you can quote us the information that you have collected.

Finally, e-mail us this information at: help@Talkenergy-Insights.co.uk - and we will reply as soon as we are able. Before contacting us please check you have followed the steps above and only then contact us with as much detail as possible and explain the problem fully.